Who We Are

The practice of orthodontics, as happens with other dental specialties, offers some paradoxical aspects. Despite this activity being essentially a social experience, in which they deal with children, adolescents and adults on a daily basis, the orthodontist can begin to feel isolated over time and may need to exchange ideas, evaluate other reviews of the diagnoses and treatment of certain patients, attend scientific activities and other social activities.

With these motivations, there came together seven orthodontists, six from Curitiba and one from Londrina, whose personal friendships and orthodontic practices were guided by the same philosophy of Tweed and who joined together as a common denominator in their approach to former a much desired and much needed association.

From that beginning and after some preliminary meetings to the foundation of the Grupo de Estudo Angle de Ortodontia on August 27, 1974, with its statutes, objectives and programming — Reg Deeds and Documents 2nd Office August 4, 1975 — was only a matter of days..


Article 2. The objectives of the Grupo de Estudo Angle de Ortodontia: “- Enhance and encourage the science, technology and materials of orthodontics. - Promote unity and integration among its members. - Promote cultural exchange. - Guide the public in seeking orthodontic care.”

With these objectives, the framework of the association was open to other orthodontists, whatever the technical requirements of the statute. The categories "effective partner" or "aspiring partner" allow candidates to choose what is most convenient for them, following protocol provisions, of which the invitation to all members and the presentation of treated and properly documented cases for examination by an examiner commission are the most significant.

The seed germinated, and today we have 18 members or associates, of whom 11 were approved by examination. The entity has continuous scientific activity four times a year, with countless meetings or activity at "home", including courses taught by orthodontists and/or teachers of national and international reputation. Our experience has led similar groups to organize themselves in a similar fashion. With 44 years of existence, "Grupo Angle", as it is known, registered its name and presence at this Web site to facilitate and increase the exchange of scientific information.